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  1. Guest blog: Sound designer Kahra Scott-Jones

    Kahra, her brother Paul (Animation Director) and co-creation Graham (having a bad day at the office).

    In our guest post series, we invite alumni, staff and current students to reflect on their time with the VCA. Here, sound designer and research student Kahra …

  2. Q&A: Veronica Kent, artist and PhD student

    PhD student Veronica Kent

    In our guest post series, we invite alumni, staff and current students to reflect on their time with the VCA. This week we interview artist and …

  3. After the Tsunami: Guest post by Robert Walton

    Robert with friends in Sendai on the evening of 4 June 2012.

    In this guest post Robert Walton, a lecturer in Theatre, reflects on his recent visit to Japan following the tragic 2011 earthquake and tsunami. About Robert Walton …

  4. Artist Kate Just’s knitted works

    Kate Just, 'Paradise'

    Artist Kate Just (BFA Painting 2002), Lecturer in Painting at the VCA, is well known for creating tactile sculptures and installations reinterpreting historic, mythic and iconographic …

  5. Now showing: Julie Shiels’ ‘Placeholders’

    ‘Placeholders’, a sculpture and installation work, is the latest manifestation of Julie Shiels (B.Ed 1986; MA 2006) ongoing PhD work with the Victorian College of the Arts; an artistic study which utilises the readymade space in clear plastic packaging as an armature to explore our 21st century consumer culture. The first element comprises of 20 freestanding bronze sculptures cast from empty plastic packaging, congregated on pink board where movement traces are marked. The second element features a faux Latin text, known commonly in the design world as placeholder text called Lorem Ipsum. ‘The objects and the text in this work might be familiar but not recognisable’, Shiels says. ‘The bronze sculptures are cast from the empty spaces in clear plastic packaging, but bear little physical resemblance to the toys and implements originally enclosed in those transparent voids. Their origins are obscured and abstracted, just as we are distanced from the industrial processes used to produce the original goods.’

    In ‘Placeholders’, Melbourne artist Julie Shiels continues her preoccupation with social narrative and mass consumption, preserving objects, which are either rejected, overlooked or abandoned. By Lieu …

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