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  1. Five questions for Dr Erin Helyard, Senior Lecturer (Historical Performance and Musicology), University of Melbourne

    As part of our ongoing Staff Stories, Dr Erin Helyard discusses conducting, his favourite writers and the trait he most deplores in others.  What can you …

  2. Reassessing Handel with the help of a restored 1773 Kirckman harpsichord

    Erin Helyard is internationally recognised as a leading baroque music specialist, virtuosic soloist and inspired conductor. Here, he discusses his debut solo album featuring the keyboard …

  3. Manchester, ritual emotion and the healing power of song

    Samantha Dieckmann, University of Melbourne and Jane Davidson, University of Melbourne On Sunday, Ariana Grande played to a packed house of 60,000 fans at Manchester’s Old …

  4. The most celebrated of all Bach’s vocal works

    Explaining the significance of Bach’s Mass in B minor ahead of its much anticipated MSO performance in Melbourne in August.

  5. The Melbourne Ring Cycle is a once in a century celebration

    Wagner has been inflaming people for a long time. Jeff Busby

    Melbourne audiences again have the opportunity to see the entire Ring Cycle in their home city.