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  1. Generators video: Exploring Aboriginal identity in dance

    By Alix Bromley What does the word half-caste mean for people born of two cultures? What are its implications on individuals and communities? Mariaa Randall, a …

  2. In The Making – Darren Vizer

    Darren Vizer – Master of Dance “For me, the decision to become a director and a choreographer… I had no choice. There was no choice. That was the reason …

  3. National number-one ranking in Performing Arts for the University of Melbourne

    Vocal students perform with the University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in the 2015 Chancellor's Concert in Sydney. Photo: Prudence Upton.

    The University of Melbourne has been ranked as number one in Australia for Performing Arts in the recently-released QS World University Rankings. From a placement in …

  4. Stephanie Lake: How to Choreograph a Crush

    Her work as a dancer and choreographer is feted internationally, but that won’t stop Lake suffering opening night nerves By Paul Dalgarno Stephanie Lake has a …

  5. Generators video: Exploring Aboriginal identity in dance

    Still from HA LF showing Mariaa Randall dancing in black and white.

    Filmmaker Eddie Diamandi explores choreographer Mariaa Randall’s dance practice and Indigenous heritage.

  6. In The Making – Darren Vizer

    Darren Vizer, Master of Choreography, with VCA students

    The multi-talented choreographer talks about his return to the arts.

  7. Dystopia: a genre mash-up where everything is ‘extreme’

    By choreographer Lina Limosani (BDance 1999)

  8. Q&A with Helen Herbertson: ‘artists always find a way’

    Descansos – Helen Herbertson. Photo Daniel Zika.

    Choreographer and performer Helen Herbertson talks about her career, our new Master of Dance and the health of the Australian dance industry.

  9. Paula Lay: the making of 10,000 small deaths

    Paula Lay discusses the dream that inspired her solo dance performance 10,000 small deaths.

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