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  1. Doing Feminism: an interview with Professor Anne Marsh

    Professor Anne Marsh. Image by Sonia Payes.

    With feminism and what it means so firmly back on the public agenda, there’s never been a better time to get to grips with its role …

  2. Some artists, some philosophers, a room

    Some Artists & Philosophers Walked into a Room is a one-day symposium featuring an impressive line-up of speakers and thinkers, chaired by the Victorian College of the …

  3. The most celebrated of all Bach’s vocal works

    Explaining the significance of Bach’s Mass in B minor ahead of its much anticipated MSO performance in Melbourne in August.

  4. Hammerstein headlines Music Theatre Symposium

    Renowned music theatre expert, Oscar Hammerstein III, will deliver the keynote at next Monday’s Music Theatre Symposium at the Victorian College of the Arts. By Alix …