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  1. Freedom Stories: what I’ve learned from filming Australia’s asylum seekers

    By Steve Thomas, Lecturer in Film and Television (Documentary) As an independent documentary maker, my journey through asylum seeker terrain began in 2002, when I was …

  2. Sneak preview: the 47th Annual Graduate Film Screenings

    Flyer artwork of two abstract faces from ACMI collateral.

    We talk to six of our graduating filmmakers ahead of the 2015 screenings and awards at ACMI.

  3. VCA students graduate to big screen

    'Fur' by Jayden Stevens, 2012

    Film buffs can catch a glimpse of Australia’s best up and coming filmmakers when graduating students from the VCA’s School of Film and Television showcase their …

  4. L.A. Postcard: video installation artist Bonnie Lane

    Bonnie drinking a margarita at the new tiki bar she and her husband built on the balcony of their house in LA.

    In our guest post series, we invite alumni, staff and current students to reflect on their time with the VCA. This week video installation artist Bonnie …